Way to change a component instance by clicking a button

I really want to save a section that will change what information it shows based on the button you click. I know I could just make a new page, but reloading half the page when the layout wont change wont look as smooth.

Really appreciate any advice!!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Harrie_Cobcroft

Could you share your project link and describe a bit more as to what you want to achieve and where so we can have a look?


yes sorry! so you can see here, I want to be able to click on one of the images under ‘work’ and have the orange section change accordingly.


Essentially you’re talking about a tabs element, however that would probably be difficult to work with here.

I’d just use interactions to hide and show different variations of that orange area.

If you need it to be more dynamic, e.g. CMS-driven, Javascript is your best bet.

I think you’re right, do you know where I could learn the right javascript/CMS? for someone that doesn’t know it… :(

You can hire someone like me to write it, it will depend on your DOM and how you setup the collection list.

Otherwise, probably stick with interactions.

If you’re wanting to learn to develop, ChatGPT is a good crutch.