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Hello everyone going to get right to it: I want to the button options after the site header [membership plans, class passes, etc] to redirect to a specific section on the page. The issue I’m having is that if I change one button, it changes all of them. So if I set “class passes” to direct to the class pass section, then membership plans, training, and merchandise will also redirect to class passes. Anyone know how I can stop that from happening and ungroup the buttons so to speak?

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Hi @sooutofmyelementhelp, thanks for your post.

At the moment it is not possible to assign different static section links to individual items in a collection list, all collection items will have the same link if linked to a static element or section ID.

I would probably not use a collection list for your nav buttons, rather use static buttons which are not used in a collection list and then put your section links on those static buttons.

In each section you can place collection lists showing product from each category, but for the nav buttons, since there is only 4 of those, I would just make regular static buttons.

There are other methods of using custom code to manually construct a button using html in a custom code embed that might work to let you use a collection list for the buttons, but that would require a little coding in javascript/jquery.

ah ok, thanks for answering my question. I’m inheriting the site from someone else so I truly have no idea how or why they deciding to build it that way, but I’ll switch out the collection list for static buttons.

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