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Wanting a fast but complete "control-by-control use" lesson

Is there a set of lessons for Webflow that go straight through every option in the developer, showing what each will do? I’ve been taking the courses, but they are much slower than what I want. They take time to joke and show practical applications; fine if I wasn’t wanting to learn hands-on and quickly. An opposite-extreme Youtube video I found titled “Learning Webfow in 45 minutes” goes too fast, skipping a LOT of options, which can be equally confusing, like when I didn’t grasp that the Gradient slider has TWO buttons to slide on the same ONE bar. He moved too fast for me to see that. Can anyone point me to a set of lessons that clearly and smoothy go straight through every control, without deviations or oversights?

I found the answer to this question in the form of notes I’d missed at the bottom of some videos that state an older version of the Webflow Developer is being domonstrated, and an updated video with the newer Developer will be coming soon. That explains why I thought I was doing EXACTLY what the teacher did, but wasn’t getting EXACTLY the same results. So I believed there must be a video that shows the steps and settings I’m misusing. But no, those are just outdated videos I can work around. With minor adjustments, the way I’m using the Developer now is just fine.