Want to change the loading settings for images in a dynamic rich text block

I have implemented a scroll button in my website but it always seems to get stuck halfway in the published version. The button scrolls from top to bottom of an image-heavy (200+) dynamic rich text block.

I know its a loading issue because when I manually scroll through and let all the images load, then click the Scroll down button, it works perfectly. I can’t change the format of the content.

When I try to change the loading settings of the image in that dynamic rich text block class, I am met with this. I can’t figure out the next step if there is one.


I have emulated the situation in this project, but it doesn’t lag the same way in the published version - with the real project it does include many other text and heading blocks.


Is there a way to change the loading from lazy to eager for the images in the dynamic rich text? Ideally I don’t want to change the resolutions as it takes too much time.


Hi Yousaf, @YB4704, did you find a workaround/solution this? I’ve encountered the same problem and Webflow support says it’s a known bug.