Lazy load affecting anchor links in rich text elements

Hi, Webflow support suggested I post my issue here for a possible workaround. The anchor links on my project pages are scrolling to the wrong place and Webflow support attributed this to the lazy load setting for images within rich text elements. “The scrolling anchor link functionality is part of the Webflow scripts, that particular feature was made before Rich Text and before Lazy load images where released. The moment it is not possible to turn off lazy load for images in Rich Text…” It’s a known bug with no timeline for fixing. This issue just started yesterday, prior to that, I didn’t notice any issues with the anchor links. Any suggestions?

Hi @R_Droke,

I’ve only heard of this a few times. I doubt there’s a quick fix anytime soon because the rich text is a separate module that seems to give many people trouble when using lazy load. I think it’s mostly the “src” vs “data-src” attributes. In essence, you’ll have to write custom code to effect the HTML behind it.

Here are some options you could try:

Hope this helps - G.J.

Hi @garymichael1313, Thanks so much for sharing these options! I don’t have much coding experience and am wondering how they might be implemented in Webfllow? I know I’d be inserting custom code, just not sure exactly how to go about doing that.

Yeah I hear ya. I’ve never used the rich text because of this exact issue. It’s just too much work for such a simple step. I would strongly recommend putting it beside that element. Just way easier to deal with. Weblow is so good, if you think it through, you rarely need to insert code. Let me know what you decide.

@garymichael1313, I built my portfolio following the 21 Portfolio course and really enjoyed the mix of design/development. Through the course, they demonstrated how to build the project pages using rich text linked to a CMS collection. The navbar bar was an element I added and having seen a similar project in the showcase, I didn’t anticipate this type of issue. I discovered later that that project included custom code. At this point, I think I’d have to do a significant amount of work to change the design since everything is being pulled from the CMS, unfortunately. Now I know though.

Ok good. Sorry about that. Maybe just hide the section and add new one in it’s place. If it’s a template, I agree, probably not ideal to go off-script with it. I hope you find a happy medium :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the support!