Want popup modal to only show first visit

Hey – I’ve created a popup modal to capture email subscribers. It’s appearing after a set time, which is great. But I’d like it only to show once for each viewer over say a 14 day period.

How can I do that?

Website: thewinelist.net

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By setting up a cookie on the users’ end.


Thanks Vincent – so have implemented that, but now it appears straight away and overrides the previous animation which waited X seconds to load.

How can I combine both?

Nice, saved it for laters.

@josh_winelist I use Elfsight for these things. I don’t own the company nor do I use their affiliate program (I any).

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@josh_winelist I tried all kind of ways. The problems are

  • When I manage to set up the pop up form for a set time, I have to add cookie consent. Now the only way to do that is to add custom code. And custom code that I got at that time slow down my website because I’m really focus on SEO. Let me know if you need that code. Anyway I manage to get Cookie Consent and a pop up form.
  • So I realised that cookie consent code bad for my website speed. I did pop up form only which mean every time people go to my site will always see the pop up form. So another problem appear, I used tutorial from Mr. pixelgeek. It’s took me a while to get that right because of so many animations. My problem here is my users must click on the close button to actually close that form. This isn’t user experience friendly. Oh even though he shown the way that I just click anywhere the form will close will doesn’t work.
  • Another person here recommend you Elfsight. So yeah I tried that too, again like I said I research this topic. Elfsight is free and easy to use but I have problem with their code. It’s simply slow down my website. And since it’s free means limited, right?
    But if you’re cool with custom code and not gettin paranoid like me about website SEO. I also think Elfsight is the good option too. I checked your website and see your pop up form. Don’t know if you’re already figure it out already. Just here to share personal experience and apology for any unintentional mistake.

Hi guys!

@new_work_city, Thanks for recommending us. We’re really happy you like our widgets! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for mentioning us too. We’re glad to hear our service is easy to use, but could you please specify what issues do you exactly have with your website loading? There might be an individual problem on your side and our team will be delighted to fix it for you.

In terms of SEO, we understand its importance for any website, so we try to comply with all requirements:

  • Our widget content is indexed.
  • Schema markup has already been implemented in some of the widgets and we plan to do it for all of them.
  • We’re constantly working on load speed optimization.

Our clients have no problems with SEO and we hope you will try our widgets to have the same experience. Also, if any questions or problems come up, we always provide free help for all our users.

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see my latest post Set a cookie on interaction

Thanks so much for this, Vincent! Super helpful.

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Thanks for the recommendation - I’ve just set up a couple of modals, with cookies, on my webflow site using Elfsight and it took me 10 mins. It’s easily worth the monthly cost compared to the amount of time I have spent dabbling in stuff I don’t understand.

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We’re happy to hear it! You can always count on our team, we’ll be glad to help with any questions.

Elfsight Team