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Only show modal once in link

Hi All!

My goal is to create this flow:

1st visit:

    • user clicks in menu link
    • modal pops up
    • form is filled
    • form is submited
    • user goes to destination page

2nd visit

  1. user click in menu link
  2. user goes to destination page

I already found a way to show a modal based in cookies but I’m not sure of how can I make the go to the destination page if the form was already filled in the past,

Link for cookies tutorial:

[Want popup modal to only show first visit]

Link to my modal:

Any idea how can I do this??

yep. use a cookie. if cookie is present (2nd visit), hide the popup trigger and replace it with a link block. see my tutorial here for how to use cookies:

you can send me a msg if something is not clear.

BTW, your page has many issues with scrolling on my device