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"Visual Coding" - simplified, and still can be pretty hard sometimes

Hello Webflowers :webflow_heart:

I wanted to raise an issue I’ve been stumbling upon recently more and more.

Webflow has, and is, becoming more and more sophisticated platform. It visualises HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other code languages, in a simple and intuitive way for all “non-coders”.
This simple and intuitive interface, lets us forget sometimes how complex the code really is.

I want to say to all the amazing creators here (and I have seen here some really amazing creations), with no Coding experience:

  1. Don’t be afraid to fail and fail again. Any developer will tell you how many hours they spend on debugging a code to eventually find out there was a ; missing somewhere along the road.

  2. Be meticulous. As much as you can. Even when it’s ‘sisyphic’ as hell.
    I mean- put thought in the steps you make, and how to make it efficient. Every detail counts.

Keep up the great work!