Visible/Clickable Filter Switch

I would like to add a visible/clickable switch to my CMS.

Similar to the webflow plan selection (Month/Year) I would like to create the option to display items by clicking the respective button(s).

Is this possible in CMS?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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…So I guess I’ll use tabs :unamused:

Hi Andre,

I’ve not used this myself but have you seen this - might be worth digging into:
Made by @SidneyOttelohe

Not quite sure what you mean about adding to your CMS - can you expand? The above has an effect of changing the background, so I would think can be used to show/hide information?

Also, a bit more complex to install, but works well with CMS items, is Isotope, see @sabanna 's guide to using it here: [TUTORIAL] Using Isotope and MixItUp plugins with Webflow

Hope that helps


Hey @StuM,

Basically, I would like the toggle switch to show/hide info based on, in this case, MM/YY so that you can focus only on the selected switch.

I’m not sure how the CMS switch works and was hoping it would be something of the above nature.

At the moment I’ve opted to use tabs instead (which i’m sure is a layman way of accomplishing a switch).

Thanks so much for this. I’ll be sure to dive in and see how best this supports me.


Hi Andre,

The CMS switch is more for you or your client to add a Yes/No, Is/Is not, In Stock/Out of Stock status to a listing, and quickly change the status.

So, when you add a dynamic list into a page, and call on that particular listing, you (designer) can filter it to show if a switch/toggle is set to on/off.

Your use case is different as it is giving the site visitor the control to switch - and setting up tabs should work - tab 1 can have a dynamic listing showing your MM CMS item, tab 2 same with your YY listing.

Another popular alternative to tabs, is an ‘accordion’ - just search the forum for that and lots of posts come up, I think @Waldo has some useful info on that.

Also this might help too:

Feel free to share your project for a closer look in your case…


Hey andreswaby,
I was just looking into this, and I think I found a solution. Have you checked out the finsweet attributes?
They have a toggle solution that triggers true/false. It’s relatively easy to set up and you can just copy it from the example the finsweet team provide in the attributes panel. CMS Filter for Webflow - No-code using Attributes
Check it out.

Best Regards,
Ahmad El-Saadi

I did not realise I was replying to a 5 year old post. But anyway, here is your solution as a clonable I just made. changing-tabs-with-toggle-switch-pricing-page-clonable - Webflow