Virus founded in exporting website code

Virus founded when i am downloading exported code. Website build with relume. 2 Times webflow crashed when i was editing grid in Footer, crash reported to webflow, looks like they fixed it. After downloading exported code my browser started to freezing. Windows defender reported trojan. What do you think?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Today I get similar issue. Windows blocked my ZIP package when I tried download it and prompt that in this ZIP in TROJAN virus in webflow.js file.
Dear Support is it a bug?

I just ran into the same problem. Can’t download my exported code, because a virus is detected. Download is throwing an error… Someone here from support who can find a solution for this?

Hey Support team,

I’m running into the same problem and I already checked out other posts about this. The provided solution there does not work anymore (was from a thread from 2017 Trojan found in export zip file! - #31 by leonard)

Problem solved itself right now! Don’t know why, but download is possible again without virus detection! I didn’t change anything! :joy: