Vimeo embed privacy issue

I embedded a video from vimeo using the HTML embed function.
(using the video option is not OK, because it does not show the full screen button and for this project it is a must)
In the vimeo interface I added as a domain where the video can be embedded, and it renders perfectly well.
I exported the code, uploaded it to the final host and enabled that domain as well in the vimeo admin - but still, the site does not render teh video, just displays “sorry because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here”
If I change the privacy settig of the video to public I only get a blue “watch on vimeo” button beside the error message. The clip has to be unlisted - if I set it to unlisted, the button disappears - so the settings on vimeo are in effect - inlcuding the enabled domain.
The same video is embedded in other sites as well, and work perfectly there too.
Any ideas what can cause the problem?

SOLVED: iframe has to contain referrerpolicy=“origin”

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