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Preview Vimeo in Webflow Designer?

I have my video set to private, but I put “” under “Where can this be embedded?” … but, still I get an image that says “because of privacy settings, this video cannot be played here”

What’s the URL to make sure the video can actually preview in the Webflow Designer? Seems kinda bonkers that to experiment with the code imbed, or any setting, I have to keep publishing the site over and over and over again. A simple preview would be nice.

Why not just do your testing with a public vimeo video?

The question is why when it’s specified as okay to embed on “” does it not show?

Shouldn’t that question be directed at Vimeo?

No, because it works fine everywhere else but on Webflow, else I wouldn’t be asking here. If I had to guess, even thought the Webflow Designer is clearly “” there might be some odd secret sub url that actually hosts the preview. Otherwise, it would work. Works fine on the staging site. Just doesn’t work in the Designer.

You have not indicated whether you are using custom code or the Video widget. Which are you testing?

Oops, good point. The video widget. Thus, a video preview from Vimeo that says the above.