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Viewport / Media Query Bug?

Hi there!

I noticed some weird behaviour after the last update.
This one is about the viewport media query for tablets. I realized that there is a gap between 8-10 px within the media query, that I cant adress nor can I style my elements.

I hope that I can link to a video that will explain that problem:
[YT Video Link][1]

I can change the styles within the designer, but it is not applied to the layout from 983px to 991px (Tablet View).

Using Chrome 44.0.2403.157m.


p.s. I noticed, that its just an error within the designer.

When i publish the site everything is okay (then the media query affects the style until 991px.

Just in case of, you know about that, right?

Hey vincent,

yeah, but its just weird not to see the changes that I ve made within the designer happening when i m working on my smaller screen. Although everything is okay on the published project and knowing that there is probably no device query within that range. :smile:

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