Mobile portrait at 479 pixels in design mode

Hi All,
I was playing around with stretching the viewport using the handle on the right side of the designer window in portrait mode. At the widest window width, I have tried to make changes in text size to an element (in this case a Logo Text) and nothing seems to happen. When I use the handles to shrink the viewport the changes take effect (at about 470 and below). I also am experiencing things not matching up when resizing the window (in Chrome) to a mobile size. The design view and the actual view are quite out of sync all across the smallest to largest breakpoint.

Is there a bug here? I think I understand that there are only really 4 breakpoints but I am losing fine control when down in the phone realm.

This happens on a site I have restructured significantly from the template, but if you choose a fresh copy of Metric then it can be reproduced. Maybe it is a problem with that template only?

Thanks very much in advance for any insights.


Okay in response to myself I tried this with other elements and even in another template. I reacts exactly the same way. Sorry to pick on Metric I think this is a bug in the designer.

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