View Next Collection Item on Template Page

I’ve created a few collections in the CMS and designed the corresponding Template pages. One thing I’d like to allow users to do is to quickly get to the next collection item from the collection template page.

For example:
One collection is photos. On the photo template page you have a photo, title, and caption. I’d like to include a button/link that would take the user to another photo in the collection. The idea is to keep them engaged with the website as long as possible and not require them to have to click the back button to go to the page with the Dynamic List of all collection items.

The collections also include blog posts and embedded videos, so a slider wouldn’t work here. Just used the photos collection as an example.

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Not natively possible, currently require workaround.

Already requested before, please use search function.

Thanks for the link. I did search before posting and did not find that.

It’s not bad, but, when there are a lot of changing collection items, it’s a real faff. Ideally the Next and Previous buttons should just refer to those items in the sort order.