Videos in slider keep playing after I go to next slide

Hello everyone.

I’m trying to make a slider that contains multiple embedded Vimeo videos. Once I start playing a video, it keeps playing after I go to the next slide.

I had this solution working perfectly:

But that only works if you have just one video.

I need a way to stop the video when I click a back or next arrow and have the next video ready to play.
Does anyone know how to modify the script from the solutikon link above?

In my read-only site: go to the “Client_Juno” page. The last two slides have the videos.

Thanks for any help you might be able to offer.

did this ever get figured out? i have same issue.

Nope. I just convinced the client to go with a different layout using multiple light boxes.

Webflow is really great, but there are lots of little annoying thing like this that pop up and make things difficult.

Sorry. Wish I could help.

Seth! Any luck on this? I know it will require some custom JS code but i’m not really skilled at it…

Has anyone had any luck with this issue? It’s driving me crazy. Would appreciate it very much if anyone can provide a solution.