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Video doesn't stop on Slider

Hello I just need some advise here.

I want the videos from slider to play only when Im on the current slider, and then stop when I hit next or previous button and replay again when I am on it.

What I did to my site is I add a slider as a hero page and then inside the slider I have a embedded video that act as a video background, and only play once the arrow is clicked and then stop once it goes off the screen. I have 3 videos on slider, my problem is when I click the arrow the previous videos are still playing. Do I need to add something else on embed settings or do I need some script? Im not very good at script or query thing if you can provide much easier approach I will appreciate it. Thanks

Videos won’t stop when hidden/out of sight with HTML only. For that you need a bit of development, using JS and the API for Vimeo.

Do you have some recommendation or code for that, Im sorry not good with programming.

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