Video suddenly has no audio

Hi, I am creating a website for a client that features an iframe Vimeo player that autoplays in the top of the page.

I created a custom player with a progress bar and an unmute/mute button and everything has worked perfectly until today. Now the sound doesn’t turn on when I click ‘Unmute’.

I tried reverting back to a backup from yesterday when I know for sure that the unmute button worked - yet now, even after reverting back, it doesn’t work anymore. I’ve tested in different browsers and on different computers and the issue remains - no sound.

I have also tested another site where I have used the same ‘unmute/mute’ functionality. It also doesn’t work anymore.

Can anyone help me? It worked yesterday and now it doesn’t. What happened?

This is my first time posting in this forum. I have found a lot of solutions on here before and greatly appreciate the community, just hope someone is up for having a look at this issue. Thanks

Here is my read only link: Webflow - Simon Lundsgaard Composer

And link to the published site:

Hi @andreasvnielsen , welcome to the forum and your first post.

Works for me on a dev machine with Brave
Version 1.47.186 Chromium: 109.0.5414.119 (Official Build) (64-bit)
/ Win 11 Pro x64

Hope that helps you.

I will not test all browser builds / platforms for you, but you must determine if issues affect your target audience. Browser testing is essential with any project launch. With my deployments, I start with a supported list defined in the project scope and then test each version across supported devices. My local test suite includes over 12 devices. It is far easier to use BrowserStack or Lambdatest to isolate issues and debug.

If an issue pops up on only a single platform/browser combo, I refer to the current bug reports from each browser provider to see if I am being affected by an open issue. If I do my due diligence to rule out site issues, I will file a bug report.

Just because a “no-code” builder is used does not mean everyone is home-free. It takes a lot of work to keep up with all the changes in this space and browser releases, plus the potential impact of plugins on site functionality.

If a large group of users experiences a similar issue that points to Webflow’s code base as the source, I am sure they will get to it at some time. A third-party service handles the embedding in Rich Text.

As for Video, I prefer to avoid IFRAMES (embeds) altogether and instead use the HTML5 video element and appropriate code. Posts on how to do this are readily available in the forum. Using this approach, you can quickly test off Webflow (Codepen, for example) and isolate any issues.

Once you are done testing devices, let us know what does not work (with platform and browser details). I might be able to replicate the build of a particular test case and confirm or contest your results. That would help to isolate the problem further.


Thanks for replying @webdev , while my post was pending approval I discovered a fix.

Before I was using the code: player.setVolume(1) to unmute the video, which as I mentioned worked fine until yesterday. I found out that I could achieve the same result by using the code: player.setMuted(false) instead which works.

I don’t know why the setVolume functionality stopped working. I tried to look up bug reports for the Vimeo API and Webflow and various browsers but found nothing. As you mention it is hard to keep up with how changes from different providers affect each other.

Will definitely look into using HTML5 video in the future. Thanks again for replying