Video Hosting recommendations

I’m looking for a bit of advice for some video hosting if I plan to use a full screen video background for a page I’m working on (muted, with autoplay). Are there free options? If so, which ones allow for the best quality video?


@ag3nt7, You will probably get a lot of recommendations on this one. :smile:

Personally, I think that Vimeo is one of the best, and their personal plans are not so expensive. There of course is YouTube and you can also get a file storage account on something like Amazon S3 which offers a small free plan. There is also Rackspace and Dropbox.

There is also something like

Some things to consider:

  1. If you put your videos, on a service like YouTube or Vimeo, we have built-in video widgets for those services
  2. If you get your own CDN for videos (amazon, rackspace, dropbox), you will be also able to host html5 video on your own CDN file space using the Embed widget.
  3. Depending the type of videos you are creating and the tools you are using, some tools have built in one click publishing, like Camtasia Studio for Windows or Camtasia 2 for Mac. I like to take advantage of that, as it really accelerates the video creating workflow.

I hope that will give you some options to consider.

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Hi cyberdave,

I’ve tried Vimeo, but am unsure of how to make it render a full page video background. (like the Comic Con redesign).

I also tried this code for using DropBox, but I just get a black screen (whether using http or https, which I read about in another forum post):


Hi @ag3nt7, well it is easier to make those video backgrounds using your own video file stored somewhere like on a CDN… it is possible to do it in Vimeo, but I think you would have a better background video if you just have your own, not branded with vimeo stuff…just my opinion :smile:

Have you seen this topic?:

Cheers, Dave

Hi cyberdave,

I’m still having a hard time accomplishing this. Here’s the public It’s just on a test page right now (video test) and I’ve managed to get it to work with Photobucket, but they compress all files making the video horrible. Doing it with Dropbox or Google Drive just renders a black screen. It seems to be in how these services name the file…so it has to have the .mp4 extension?? The code I’m using is the same from the comic con redesign by pixel geek, so I know it works. It’s all in where the file is hosted, I’m guessing!

Here’s the photobucket link if you wanted to see what I meant (the original file is way better quality, but they use horrible compression ) -

Actually - I think I may have made the mistake in not having he video in my public dropbox folder…It seems to be working now!