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Hi, how could I insert video from youtube channel? When I fill out the link of the video within the weblow it generates the code (thumbnail etc) but how should I generate the same when I use PHP to list the videos from some channel. I would need to fill the variables from php (like the address of the video, title etc.) into Weblow generated code.
Is there any way how to do it or should I simple make everthing manualy?

Thank you

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Webflow has video embeds for youtube and vimeo. There is a way to embed a playlist in the link bottom of post. But you can use the cms to create your own and as you add more video links to your site it can pull them dynamically. That way you can style everything as you want.

Or this

Hope this helps

Thank you for response, but exactly as mentioned in the post you are referring to, I need to display videos as gallery, not playlist. So by means of PHP I iterate the videos from the youtube (using Google Youtube API) channel and then I want insert the videos into the webflow html code.
But no problem, I will write the code generating the video instead of using webflow embed videos.

Thank you anyway

Webflow doesn’t use PHP. You can create a gallery with webflow collections very easily. If you want to export back to Wordpress of another CMS you can do that too. The webflow collections themselves are not exportable. But the structure is. But if you are going to code it all I guess that will work too.


Hello Lukas_Jezek,

You can try to use a third-party plugin to create YouTube galleries, for example, this one – (the page has an online demo where you can try out all the settings).

I think that it’s a great solution, it takes only a couple of minutes to install and configure. Here’s the detailed guide: (+ installation video tutorial).

I hope this solution will be right for you!


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