Video embeds and cookies

Hey Guys,

I am building a website with webflow and when I embed a vimeo video, it adds some embedly cookies to the page (alongside with the vimeo cookies). Why that? I would like not to use any additional cookies on my website to be GDPR compliant.


Vimeo provides a cookie by default, and a quite annoying one on top of that. I just checked and the one it set on my Firefox has data in it from back to 2015… I don’t quite understand how this cookie works to say the truth.

And as Webflow is using for all embeds, well there’s an extra cookie.

Usually the sites you make with Webflow are pretty much clean of any cookie.

You could craft your own HTML5 embed code but you’d have to host your MP4 file somewhere on a server or Dropbox. (Here’s a code generator:

There’s a solution for you wit still using a Vimeo video though: instead of using Webflow video player component, you can get the embed code directly from the Vimeo video page. And you can add no-tracking code inside of the embed code :slight_smile:

<iframe src="" width="640" height="360"
frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

The important part, what you have to add, is the ?dnt=1 at the end of the URL.

And that method bypasses so bye bye their cookie too.

@webflow could provide a “Do not track” option in the video player in the future.

Hey Vincent,

thank you for your help. I guess the best option for me would be to use the iframe code. Do I understand it correctly, that it only possible with a paid plan (the embed feature is unavailable for me right now)?
At the moment I am only paying for a website plan (hosting).
Will the iframe embed be responsive by the way? Using the Webflow video player component I have a fully responsive video element. Will it behave the same way with iframe?

To get custom code you either need to pay for a Site Plan (with any custom domain or not) or to pay for an Account plan to have access to custom code from the site on the staging (

At the moment I am paying for a website plan (hosting). But the embed button is inactive for me.
Will the iframe embed be responsive by the way?