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Tracking Embedly Nested Iframe Video Plays

Hi, I’ve been trying to setup tracking for video plays for vimeo videos as well as youtube via google tag manager, and from browsing around this forum and my own investigation the issue appears to be that any videos using the video link feature in the webflow backend, will then trigger a service called embedly which generate a custom iframe based on the videos information which will allow it to be embedded on the page and also help it be viewable in the CMS area itself.

But what I don’t understand is why it uses nested iframes. Embedly itself generates it’s own iframe then inside of that it pulls in another iframe which is the standard video iframe that either youtube or vimeo will use. When I look at examples of a similar service “oembed” it only seems to generate a single iframe. The nested iframes make the videos untrackable via javascript on the front end.

Is there some reasoning from embedly or Webflow as to why this is the case? And is there any way not use nested iframes and only a single one instead?

Other solutions in the forum seem to get around this by using the embed code element instead. But we’ll have to update hundreds of videos across the site, and we’ll lose the ability to preview and have placeholder images on video category pages.