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Video Embedding

Hi All,

I want to embedd the video on my ‘News’ page into my site with the following features:

  • Click to play
  • Play one, No loop
  • Audio

The current method from streammble allows all of the above, however there is no play once option, it keeps looping.

Does anyone have potential better solution for this?

Thanks in advance.

Hello HMS.

Right now I have two pieces of input for you:

  1. In order to go around that issue, I recommend you using other platforms to have better control over the video properties. From what I’ve seen, Streamable is a pain in the butt when it comes to messing with video properties. The good and old Vimeo would work better for you, and you would be able to have better control over the video. If you want, you can just download the video from the Streamable website and upload it to Vimeo. There you’ll have the option to disable looping.

Check how granular and simple the Embed Options are:

  1. However, if you’re still looking for a way to stop the looping with streamable, you should look into ’ player.js ’ which seems to be the JavaScript player that they use to reproduce their videos. You should be able to learn more about granular controls there.

Have a great day

Thanks - i dont want all the junk that comes with vimeo, and have third party stuff shown on my private site. Thanks I will look a the javascript palyer

If you actually try to embed a Vimeo vid, you’ll see that doesn’t have a ton of info with it… It’s pretty straightforward… YouTube is a little worse when it comes to embedding. You could try other options as well