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Video element can't pull data from CMS field?

Hi there,

I’m having trouble getting the native video component pull its link from the CMS field that was set up for that purpose in my Collection list. Do I, like for lightboxes, need to set up some custom code aswell or am I missing something ? :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help !

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To connect to a video element from the CMS, you need to use a Video Link field element and not a generic Link field.

In the designer and editor, after inputing a valid video url into the video link field you will see a preview.

If you want more control over the way a video is displayed use the embed element, paste in the youtube embed code, put your dynamic cms youtube link in, and then adjust the embed code for style and playback controls.

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awesome, thank you @matthewpmunger :slight_smile:

Hi Matt,

This feature works great! However, we are using Zapier to auto-populate the video link field in which case the Webflow CMS doesn’t run the process to identify the media type, preview, etc. Any idea how to trigger that process without just cutting and pasting the link by hand? Any advice would be great.


Hey @petermchoke

Triggering a video field to validate is a manual process as you’ve mentioned. The reason is that the Webflow API which is used by Zapier and other automation tools cannot trigger that validation process with the rich media embed service Embedly used by Webflow. This is a known limitation, unfortunately.

There is a workaround that bypasses Embedly. I’ve detailed that process in another thread here on the forum by utilizing the Youtube embed code and either the video ID or full URL from the CMS. Please check it out and see if that will work for your use case. Then follow and let me know how it goes.

Happy designing!