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Very slow load time

My site has been uploaded for about a week now and today I am noticing incredibly slow load time. Everything loads great except the navigation, which holds up the site and takes up to 20-30 seconds sometimes.

Has anyone else been experiencing issues the past few days with load time?

Any review and suggestions are appreciated.


clicked your link and loaded it in the designer in >10 seconds.


  • using an incognito window
  • safari browser instead of chrome (or vice versa)
  • use a different computer
  • double checking your internet speed -

Thank you.

10 seconds is a big “F” in my book. If I had a client and their site took 10-20 seconds to load, I would fire myself!

• Internet speed is fine.

• Pingdom counted up to 30 seconds on the last test

• Loading in the designer is not loading on the web.

• Try and let me know how long it takes for the upper navigation to show up. Everything else on the page shows quickly except the nav which causes the page to continually hang.

Thanks again.

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