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Vertically align a radio button

Hey folks,

I have a form with radio buttons. I’d like the radio button to be aligned, vertically, with the label text. Right now, the radio button is aligned slightly above the label text.

Here’s a fiddle showing how to do this using the CSS property vertical-align and setting it to “baseline”:

But as far as I know, I cannot use this property in Webflow.

How would you suggest I vertically align the button with the label text?

The page in question:

@peterakkies set the ‘task manager choice’ to flex, from there select ‘baseline’.

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Thank you, Sarah!

I ended up choosing the center alignment rather than baseline there, but turning the parent div into a flexbox worked.

@peterakkies glad it worked for you and now you know where to find ‘baseline’ in webflow, yay! :slight_smile: