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Hey guys, any reason why there's no option to set vertical alignment? Or am I missing it somewhere?

Im working with some inline-block elements and need to be able to set the vertical alignment to top, as baseline is the default property for inline-block elements which breaks the layout of a current project. Seems this should be a basic feature in webflow, no?

I’m using a simple trick in here. A parent container has a style of position: relative;. A child object (which will be centered) has a position: relative; top: 50%; and in effect panel I add a transition to move it up 50%. That’s working like a charm :slight_smile:

Doesn’t this vertically center an item? When the original question is about vertically aligning to the top…

@MikeStvnsn the only thing you my miss is that vertical alignment in HTML isn’t at all an evidence, easy, out of the box, call it what you want. And an answer to your fairly open question isn’t either. Do you mind sharing the public link of your project?

No, cant share it at this time. But this is the problem:

Its a non-issue if you can just set the vertical alignment to top.

Well try to add the property manually in the <head> section then


Yeah of course I can do it manually, but then the site is broken in design mode until I publish it. Not optimal.

I’ve never felt the need to use this declaration in Webflow and I’ve never either when I was writing my own CSS entirely. Maybe I have different habits for the same result… I’m curious now!