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Vertical NavMenu, cant control it's height

I created a nav menu, and I want all the site to be limited to a 16:9 aspect ratio, so I created a Div and put everything there.

Everything is working except the NavMenu, the menu itself ()when the burguer icon is visible) is working fine, but the actual menu expanded it’s not, no matter what I do something is overriding the height of that component.

I saw other messages in the forum about this topic, but no official answer and no solution, maybe I’m lucky now and I can get some solution.

BTW the “Menu fills page height” is NOT checked.


Ok, I found a solution that is not working, this is the result for the solution in the editor, it’s working fine:

This is the result with the page working, it’s no working at all, what’s happening here?

Some help appreciated, thanks.

Try setting the height of the menu to 100VH instead of 100%.

It’s hard for anybody to say what the issue is without seeing the site. Can you share a link?

Hi George.

100VH gives me a full height, I don’t want that, I want the menu to have the height of the DIV I’m using as container since I want to keep thinks with a pre-defined aspect ratio of 16:9.

It seems the problem is related to a class that comes into play only when the menu is open, and I don’t have direct access to that class.

I ended up creating a whole menu by myself, so I don’t have that anymore, I lost too much time trying to fix this, I hope someone can solve this, there are several other posts about this topic in the forum, and none of them have solved the problem.

BTW Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

How have you gone about setting the aspect ratio?

It’s a div, with 100% width, 56,25% bottom padding, and 1080px as Max height