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Vertical nav bar not working correctly

Hi all,

See my testing site here:

When you click the Category 1 link, a sub-category menu slides down, which is right, but it covers the Category 2 menu. How do I fix it so that Category 2 slides down when Category 1’s submenu slides down?

The dropdown list is position:absolute by default so it hovers anything.

  1. select the dropdown item element
  2. in the setting tab click on Open menu
  3. select the dropdown list element, give it a class
  4. pass the position: from absolute to relative

Now it’s in the flow of elements and pushes away the next item.

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Brilliant Vincent! Cheers! :slightly_smiling:

Please mark Vincent’s post as the solution as to let the rest of the Forum know that your problem has been resolved. :wink::+1:

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Done! :sunglasses:


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