Vertical alignment inside fixed (100%) div


I’m fairly new to Webflow and web-designing in general and I’m currently stuck on a headaching problem. I’ve got a fixed div with 100% width and height and I’m trying to place an image/div dead center – but unable to. I’m able to place it in the center using margin. But the second I re-scale the site/browser it’s out of position. Whether I use percentage or pixels in the margin.

Ok scratch the above. I finally figured it out (Fixed and 50% top, which I swear I’ve already tried… Oh well, it works).


Secondly, is there a way to add Parallax scrolling within a Fixed div, with a percentage width and height? I’ve tried looking through the forums without any solutions. At least they weren’t working for me. I’ve might’ve done it wrong, though.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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