Various fixed sections


Does anybody knowhow to replicate this fixed sections effect?:

Please @cyberdave @Waldo can you give it a look?

Thanks in advance

Hey @aaronocampo that’s a neat site! They’re using scrolling jacking as well as click interactions :slight_smile:

You could achieve this with fixed sections and click interactions where you change the height of an element from zero pixels to one and layer everything on top of each other. Would take quite a bit of work but is possible to build in Webflow minus the scroll jacking. :slight_smile:


The scroll jacking means that when you scroll a little or a bit more it goes to the next section no matter what?

Theres no way to achieve that?

Actually, I retract my statement. There is a way to do that in Webflow but it would basically require invisible sections to scroll past with interactions set on them, and it wouldn’t be exactly scroll jacking, just interactions based upon how far down the page you scroll :slight_smile: my apologies @aaronocampo

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