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Variety of bugs when I publish site

Hi everyone,

I am new to webflow and I just published my first site. There are SO many bugs. The read only site isn’t even helpful because even that cuts off the second half of my site! I’m going to list everything:

  • none of the hover interactions work. Every link is supposed to fade to 30% opacity when you hover over it and go back to 100% on hover out and none of them work in the published site, but they work in preview.
  • I have a tabs sections that will not switch tabs
  • I have 2 sliding sections that do not scroll
  • Those sliding sections are supposed to have text on them but for some reason the text floats through the page as you scroll instead of sticking to the slides
  • I have a back to top button that is supposed to appear on the right side as you scroll and doe snot appear at all.
  • the bottom few sections of my site are completely missing, but it shows up in preview.

I have read a couple forums that said to unpublish and log out, then log back in and publish, and that did nothing. I also tried deleting my history which also did nothing. Thank you for your help!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Published site:

Hi @aarscott

First, welcome to the Forums, and thanks for posting.

Can you please provide your Read-Only? It’s definitely helpful in trouble shooting these issues.

I took a look at your site and at first glance the hover states for links are working as expected

Also if you can share more specific details and include screenshots about the sections you are referring to, that would also be helpful. Where are the tabs and the sliding sections?

I did notice you have some custom integrations which can definitely cause discrepancies between the live site and the Designer preview mode.

The more information you can provide the better – please feel free to reference our bug posting guidelines: Posting Guidelines for the Bugs Category

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