Variant Color Swatch Webflow Plugins

I have multiple variants which are: color, mounting size, bracelet size and metal type. I have displayed the color in button type and it adds the selected color to the cart information when added, but the problem is with the other variants , i want to display them in a dropdown form and when selecting their value it adds to the cart’s info as well.

Would really appreciate your help with this! :smile:

Here is my website link: Read-Only Link

Sounds like you’ve got a good start with the color variant on your Webflow site, nice work!

Regarding the problem… I think that you might want to check Webflow’s custom code options or look for specific plugins that support variant selections. Also, integrating with third-party e-commerce tools could be a solution if Webflow’s native capabilities are a bit limited for your needs.

Remember, the key is to ensure that each dropdown selection is correctly tied to its corresponding cart item. A bit of JavaScript might be needed if you’re customizing beyond Webflow’s standard settings.

Good luck!