Variable Adobe Fonts Unsupported?

It’s great that Webflow is supporting variable fonts, (and I’ve read the docs) but the variable controls are not showing up for me when I use a variable Adobe font, Stinger in this case. Are they not supported or am I doing something wrong?

Hi, I’m having the same problem.

I also have the issue using Adobe font mozaic-geo-variable. I think its Adobe not Webflow - Adding Variable Fonts to Web Project - Adobe Support Community - 13599099

Same problem here, can’t see the variable settings

I have the same issue. I went for Adobe font for ease of application only to find that when coming into Google the variable font only gives the 400 ‘Normal’ weight. Very frustrating.

In case you encounter compatibility issues with a specific font, consider using a fallback font for your project and reserve the variable fonts for cases where they work correctly.

Having the same issue, would like to use variable fonts from Adobe, but they are not supported in the interface.

Same here, very annoying. Any idea when this will be supported?

Found a workaround here. Not ideal, but works Adobe Variable Fonts: anyone using them successfully?