Adobe Variable Fonts: anyone using them successfully?

As the title says – has anyone been able to use Adobe Variable Fonts in their project?

I only get one weight instead of the whole variable typeface when I connect it to my Webflow project.

Same Here, Did you find any solution for this?

Sorry, only seeing this now.

I started this thread on the Adobe forum. It seems like a lot of people are having this problem…but Adobe doesn’t have a solution yet. Unfortunately.

@Christoph You may have already found some workarounds, but I wanted to share that I ran into this same issue and was able to get things working by adding the CSS from Adobe to an embed element.

You can click the “Copy CSS” button beside a given variant in Adobe and then paste that code into an embed element in Webflow inside of a <style> tag targeting whichever elements you’d like. It’s no ideal, but it saved me from having to license fonts separately that are available via Adobe.

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Thanks @blakelam i added this to my Global Styles component and seems to be working. Not ideal but it solves the issue (temporarily).

Agreed, this workaround is not ideal. Webflow doesn’t even support “font-variation-settings” as a custom property, so you can’t even do it in a “Webflow” way. The only solution is adding custom code somewhere