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Using Webflow for a Web App

I want to use Webflow to create the front-end of a web app that I could then handoff to our developers. My issue is that I need components such as toggles & sliders. How could I make this work? Has anyone pulled this off successfully?


I would suggest reposting this in the Design Help > Interactions page of the forum.

In terms of the toggles and sliders, I’m not sure, it would depend on what specifically you were trying to do and how complex it was.

A great example is the UI for Google Flights.

Their filter options use material UI components like the slider for a price range, or the toggle for the “track prices” feature. How could I re-create this UI in Webflow without these native controls? All we have access to are radio buttons and checkboxes.

In terms of the slider, I don’t think you would be able to create this on Webflow natively.

Although I think it should be possible to implement something like this into a Webflow site using some custom code.

First, thank you so much @cccurtis for replying to my post! Very appreciated.

My goal is not to figure out how to natively create these components but instead find a detailed tutorial on how I can implement custom code to make designing a web app in Webflow realistic. I see people using Jquery often, but as a designer - I find it hard to follow.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Examples?

I wish I could help but I wouldn’t know where to start - maybe try the custom code section of the forum. Coding is unfortunately something I know very little about, which is one of the reasons why I’m using Webflow in the first place.

I did recently have an issue with some custom jQuery scripts I needed to get something working, and after posting on the forums and getting nowhere I resorted to hiring someone from Fiverr to write and implement the code for me. It was fairly cheap and the guy was very helpful with me, let me know if you’d like me to recommend him and I can forward you his info.

Hi, did you manage to find a solution for the web application interface?
The previous advice was good. Usually, I always find answers on this forum, so you can look for a solution to another topic.