How to use Webflow Designer in Combination with JS Framework?

UPDATE: There has been no reply to this question, so perhaps I failed to communicate clearly. Or perhaps Webflow Designer is not best suited for the use case I propose. I will try to re-state: Where and how would I best integrate Webflow Designer in the overall flow of developing a configuration-heavy and/or backend-centric application? Again, I proposed the JS version of ToDo MVC as a test case.

Can someone point me to a tutorial or similar on integrating Webflow with a JS Framework?

I find tutorials or case studies extremely useful for presenting features, but also seeing how they’re used in the real world? For example, I read an excellent tutorial today on integrating Sketch into Webflow workflow

I would be keen to see how Webflow is used in more “app-centric” design and development. By app-centric I have in mind more application-style sites such as,,, JIRA, (any banking site), etc. Essentially any site where it’s heavy on enduser facing configuration, rich UI and realtime updates and inter-component dependencies (think ReactJS’ shadow DOM), and backend interactions.

As a concrete example, I like to refer to ToDoMVC as a bench mark of how various frameworks have been put through their paces to create a ToDo App. The site tries to standardize the set of requirements and thereby aid a more objective comparison of frameworks and their approaches, features, complexity, etc.

So, the question might be posed, how might I maximally leverage Webflow to build ToDo MVC?

Thank you in advance