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Hi! I am working with the Persona template for my portfolio website. I’m in the final stages of design but I’m just encountering an issue with using a utility page. I’m trying to use a utility page (password protected page) to link to one of my project pages but I am unable to select this password page when trying to set the link.

In Designer, I see that my Home page, Contact page, and all other pages are under the Static Pages section. My Password page and my 404 page is under a Utility Pages section. The Static Pages are all options for linking but for some reason, the two Utility pages are not.

I tried moving the Password page from the Utility Section to the Static page section so that I can link it, but the option to move it is not available. I tried duplicating the page to see if I could use it similarly to my other pages, but that options is also not available. I’m not sure what else to try as a workaround, but definitely open to suggestions as this is the last big hurdle for completing my site.

Appreciate any help!


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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So the password page is a generic page that you can style that you will see for any pages that you set to password protected. You’d simply link to your page that you want protected and then for the settings of that page click the password protect option and you’ll hit the utility page first.

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