Using text to navigate slider

Hi, My client wants to have something on their website that is like Fitbit where you click a listing in the text and it changes the image.

See the sections:
" Reveal more about your health and your heart"
" Track way more than steps "

If you bring it down to mobile, you can see it’s a slider.


Is something like this possible in Webflow?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Another example:

You can do this using interactions.

You can hide the desktop version on mobile and display a slider instead.

Thank you @samliew! Which interaction do you think would be best for desktop?

Hi again,

What do you think about using a tab approach:

I’m trying to use the CMS to populate the images and text by having 3 fields for each “feature”

But I want it to look like the Fitbit example where the text navigation is to the right on desktop and image to the left. And on mobile, collapse the the text under the images