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Using Symbol Overrides in Embed element

Is it possible to use the “Symbol override” functionality in combination with the “embed” element?

With have developed some custom code widgets which we would like to include on our pages. These widgets have some configuration options on initialisation. As I don’t want the design team to have to deal with custom code I thought I would create a symbol out of the embed element and add overrides which the design team can use to configure the widget.

Would be awesome if the overrides could be used as variable in the embed widget.
For an simple example:

name: John Doe

Embed code

<script>alert(`Hello ${}`)</script>
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Still hoping to get an answer on above. Anyone from the Webflow team care to comment?

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Anyone ever find a solution to this? would be really nice to have if it’s not possible now.

Came up with a sort of ghetto solution…

for the example above you can create a text block and set display: none with id #name
<script>alert(`Hello ${document.getElementById('name')}`)</script>

@kyle_kitlinski I’ve found a workaround using the CMS and Using the “Collection List Wrapper” element. It’s a bit hacky and I wish Webflow would develop support for embed overrides, but it get the job done. When using the CMS you have to option to include fields in your code. See screenshot below.