Components attributes in embed html

Hello everyone, I search quite a bit but can’t seem to find the answer. Is there a way to use components custom properties in html-embed, so that each instance of component has different html-embed based on the properties.

ps : the html-embed contains svg element (i don’t want to use img because the it will need to load external file)

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Hi there!

Would something like this work for you? A rich text with custom code inside of it.

I’ve no answer for you, but I do have the same need!

In my case, I’m using an Embed HTML element because I want to use semantic tags like <figcaption> <dl> <dt> <dd> (think of a quote with an author, a job and a description), but I want the content to be editable.

I thought that it would be trivial to do… as it’s possible with collection fields (Webflow University - Use Collection fields in custom code embeds).

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you are telling me that you can modify rich-text with embed html ?

Depending on how you look at it, yes!