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Using Link Blocks within Columns

I am having trouble I used a column to create my What’s New portion with my second column being used for link blocks. It worked great but I need another row of 3 link blocks under the existing 3 I have with the What’s New continuing next to it. Right now if I add another link block it buts it next to the other 3. Thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Hi @Jen

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I’m so glad you’re early on in the site build, because I would categorically advise you not to build with columns and rows, but instead invest a little time and learn Flexbox. It will give you sooooo much more flexibility when it comes to building your site and save you heaps of time when editing for mobile devices.

If you have even more time, then wait for CSS Grid to be launched in Webflow in early October, and that will be even easier to do what you’re trying to do! (It’s like Rows and Columns kind of, but on steroids) :smiley:

Honestly, forget you ever saw the rows and columns icon… put a sticky note on your screen to hide it, and never use it again! :rofl: I wish Webflow would remove it altogether!

That makes sense because they have been very tricky! I have over a year to build this website which is mostly content and will end up being 3,000 pages but waiting a few more weeks won’t be the end of the world. This is actually going to be hosted on a share drive and will never be accessed on a mobile phone, it won’t be permissioned for that. So one less thing I have to think about but I am using web flow because I do want it to be responsive and I am loving the tools and the community so far. Is there a workaround that I can bandaid it just to show progress? Wondering if I should just hand code a table for now. Thanks!

A year to build is a nice luxury! For the other break points you can just add a blanks screen saying “Only available on desktop” which is easy to do too.

If you create your content in div blocks, and label everything correctly, then you can move it around later without issue. If you’re untidy with giving class names, or giving identical items different class names then it might be tougher to have a shuffle later on.

You should still 100% learn Flexbox, and you can even build in that without using Grid (which is what we’ve all done so far) Grid is not replacing Flexbox, they’ll work well hand in hand together.

Looking into flex box now and watching the tutorials! I am very new to this community and wondering if you can share your link just to get feedback on anything that may cause you problems with how you created your layout when it goes to publishing or for me exporting the code? I know there is a lot of ways ultimately to set up a website but some ways are clearly just bad.