Using GET vs POST with Memberstack and Mailchimp

Before I go breaking things on my website/form, does anyone know if the GET or POST functionality matter when using Memberstack? I have a Memberstack tie-in connection that is working great with the header code in the main site and custom attributes on all the form fields.

NOW I’m trying to tie in Mailchimp (on a live site), which requires me to set the method to POST, but it’s currently set to GET. I think that’s the default, but I don’t know if it matters or not. Trying not to break the form so early in the process.

I believe because it’s not using Webflow native forms that currently the GET vs POST is irrelevant and changing it to POST to use Mailchimp won’t interfere with the Memberstack Custom attributes connection.

That said, I am regularly and often wrong on these things. Thanks for any insight you might have!


hi @ianloomer I thing you should find some sources you will understand easily about differences between GET and POST.

Generally speaking
GETis set as default request method and it is less secure as form data are add to URL as key-value pair. Something like this"client name"&password="myVerySecretPassword" and everyone can see it!!!
In 95% of form requests sending data to server you should use POST.




but feel free to find more on net :wink:

This is great info, @Stan. Thanks for sharing! Having never really worked with GET and POST it’s interesting to understand them a bit more.

I guess what I still don’t know (and is at the heart of my question) in the Webflow interface, if I just change the fields in the form from GET to POST is that going to break things.

I can’t seem to google if it matters to Memberstack or if it will affect the way the form moves from one page to the next. I understand they are different URLS essentially, but as far as I am aware that data isn’t in the URL when stepping through the form.

Is there an expected breakage if I just change everything tomorrow?

Hi Ian,

Your form’s receiver ( Mailchimp ) has absolute nothing to do with your Membership system ( Memberstack ). You’re totally 100% fine.

To convince yourself, try it. It’s the best way to learn.

You definitely want to reach out directly to Memberstack’s support people. I’ve always had a good experience with them.

If you don’t have a test Webflow account to play with this and your changes are on your live site, it’s best to go to the source for the answer. They can take a peek at your Memberstack account and guide you.