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Using Foxy Customer Portal with Webflow Ecommerce

Just wondering if im able to use Webflows Ecommerce and just use Foxy customer portal so users can track their orders etc?

Would I have to transfer all my webflow ecommerce to foxy or could I just create a customer portal for it?


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Hi @VITA_Clothing.
Really sorry for the late reply. We missed your post somehow. To use the Foxy customer portal, you must use Foxy for your ecommerce as well.

For what it’s worth, replacing Webflow Ecommerce with Foxy is pretty straightforward if you’re comfortable with Webflow in general. Also, it’s sometimes possible to layer in Foxy on top of what you already have setup.

Please don’t hesitate to email us your read-only link and we can take a look at your setup and get you pointed in the right direction.