Using "editable:ice" as a custom attribute Name

Hi all,

Is there any way to use “:” in custom attributes?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @diegona, that is supported as a value in an custom attribute, but not as an attribute name. Does this help? Is this for something you are trying to setup for a CMS integration?


Hi @cyberdave, thanks for your answer. Yes, it would make better my CMS integration workflow. This is exactly what I need:

<div ice:editable="customvalue" ice:options="bold,italic,deleted,|,link,morecustomvalues"> Text, images, etc </div>

Hi @diegona, thanks for the update. I understand, so the ice:editable is not going to work as a value, only as a Name of the attribute.

That is not supported yet, sorry about that. You would need to edit those values after export, until there is some change for this.

I have changed this post to a Wishlist item!

Excellent @cyberdave, thanks again!

It you can export your site… you could “fudge-it” a little. I fudge-it all the time.

Create 2 attributes for the element:

attribute 1: name “ice-editable” value “customvalue”

attribute 2: name “ice-options” value “bold,italic,deleted,|,link,morecustomvalues”

When exported, the code will look like this:

<div ice-editable="customvalue" ice-options="bold,italic,deleted,|,link,morecustomvalues">

Simply edit the html file, search for / locate the element, and change the dash to a semi-colon.

<div ice:editable="customvalue" ice:options="bold,italic,deleted,|,link,morecustomvalues">

It’s a work-around - kind of a pia… but it works - and it gets the bulk of the custom attributes into the element with minimal modification afterwards.

@webflow it would helpful… if the application would display a warning message…
but would allow the person to enter in what they wanted / needed

  • regardless if it was wrong or not

Let the designer take some of the responsibility.

Hi @Revolution! Thanks for your answer. Yes, that is just what I am currently doing here. But it is a pain when I need to change something and export it again.

And I am totally agree with you @Revolution: It would be awesome if you display a waring message but allow us to tweak attributes at our will. It could drastically improve our workflows.

Thanks all!

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