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Using Ecommerce database on non-commerce portion?

I’m building a site with a Business side and Consumer side with different nav and content in certain areas - basically two separate sites.

Is it possible to use the Ecommerce database (the Consumer side with price info) on the Business side (where we don’t want to show prices)?

It would seem best to duplicate the Ecommerce database, but I don’t see where that is possible.

Thanks for any help provided.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I may be misunderstanding your use case here, but once you enable ecommerce on a project, that content (aka the database of products) can be referenced on any page with a collection list mapped to “Products”—just like any other CMS collection.

Are you able to provide an example or your read-only link so we can take a closer look at the situation?

Clicking on the products takes you to ‘PerfectClean Products’ page (derived from Consumer Categories under ecommerce). Then, clicking on say ‘Wipers’ takes you to the products within the category. However, the page is now using a template from the consumer side with the Consumer header (shown by the Shop Retail in upper right).

Is there a way to use the Consumer Products database, but NOT have it lead down the Consumer pathway? Or, do I need to create two different databases?

Ah okay, this makes a bit more sense now that I’m looking at the project. Are there any other differences between the two sections of the site (professional/consumer) other than showing/hiding prices?

Assuming you’re wanting the visitor to land on one of two separate views of the product you’ll need to create two separate versions of the products. It looks like you’ve already gotten one setup as traditional ecommerce products and the others as CMS items so most of the groundwork appears to be done on that front—now you just need to make collection and product page variations for the “non-purchasable” products.

Personally I’d also make some adjustments to the site to more clearly identify which “side” of the site a user is browsing as it’s not super obvious (to me at least) outside of the “Shop Retail Now” link in the upper right-hand corner. I’d also recommend adding a reference field as well to “link” the two versions of the products to each other as well so you can pull information without needing to duplicate it and easily drive traffic from one version to the other (if needed).

The homepage of the site has a Consumer / Business button so that you can choose which side to visit. There are some other differences in that the Business side has the Blog/News sections.

So, it looks like I’ll need to separate databases (one in the ecommerce and one in CMS) for each side of the side. However, can you explain your recommendation of the reference field? Or is there somewhere you can point me to see this in action?

Thanks so much for the help.

However, can you explain your recommendation of the reference field? Or is there somewhere you can point me to see this in action?

I don’t have an easy way to show you on your project (as read-only links are limited in their ability to adjust collection settings) but basically you’ll just include a single reference field within the Products for Businesses collection that is linked to your products. This is the only other field you’ll need (you can remove the plain text “product categories” field) as once this connection is made you will have access to all of your Consumer Product fields—meaning you won’t have to update multiple database items if something like the description or category organization changes.