Using Designer in Firefox - making two scrollbars?

See this? Happens when I start using the designer in FIrefox

(Only posting this cause I saw the last update about expanding designer support to Firefox and noticed this bug right away)


Damn, back to opening up chrome just for Webflow (and freely giving up my private data to them while they sell it to corporations :wink: )

Also - I see others are posting their bigs in another thread but that doesn’t seem to be active in the last few days… so maybe this is irrelevant? Feel free to delete if so.

Yes, I can confirm, this doubles up the bar in Firefox Quantum 64 bit also.

Hey @WinstonStruye,

This is indeed the reason we have never expanded beyond Webkit-based browsers. What OS are you using? On OSX (modern versions, at least), you could change the OS scrollbar settings to “Automatically based on on mouse or trackpad” and likely get rid of that duplicate scrollbar.

The opposite of what this article shows, but the steps are the same:

Mozilla has implemented W3C-based scrollbar colors and widths in the latest versions of Firefox. I don’t think it’s difficult to implement these in the designer.

I am able to reproduce double scroll bars as well. in FF 68.0.2.