Using CMS with a Lightbox (all works except "Media")

I am trying to setup a small featured set of images that first appear in black and white, then move to color on mouse hover and then pop-out Lightbox-style onclick with content driven from the CMS.

I was able to setup everything but the onclick with the Lightbox. I setup a div block with the background image in black and white with a an image of identical dimensions in color and use opacity to have it “appear” on mouse hover. Linking these in from the CMS worked perfectly.

The piece that is missing is the Lightbox type of pop-out to a larger scale image. It seems that I would need to manual add the media to the Lightbox (not allowing for a dynamic addition instead).

Does anyone know a workaround for this? Am I asking for a new feature that’s on the list somewhere down the road?

I’m enjoying my first Webflow experience so far and I would appreciate the help.

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Hi @akeen, thanks for the post. at the moment, the media for a lightbox widget is using images from the asset manager only, not dynamically from the CMS.

It is a great idea and feature to have :slight_smile: Here is the wish list: Using the CMS to populate the lightbox media list

There is also a workaround on the post mentioned. Keep tuned, more widget updates are coming :slight_smile:

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