Using 3rd party FORMS with exported code? I'm using goDAddy

Has anyone found a good tutorial on how to edit the HTML form code for 3rd party scripts? I’m using my clients goDaddy account so it would most likely be CGI Form-Mailer it would connect to

I’ve watched this tutorial > Webflow 101 crash course | Webflow University

but still wondering if there is a better help file or video or someone else has already figured this out #wisdomOFcrowds :wink:

thanks Webflow community!

sorry but free is not a sustainable business model.

been with Godaddy with over 75 sites for almost 8 years and the have been consistently the most professional and best resource for domains, hosting and other services out of everything out there over those years for me.

I found another webflow member mention this solution - its free and I’m trying it right now.

For the record, goDaddy is horrible - can’t even allow a simple click to use cgi script ;(

Do yourself a favor and switch to bluehost. I was a godaddy customer for 10 years and got fedup with the upsells. Especially paying 100 a year for imap support on emails WHAT!? Bluehost has imap built in and also has a form management system that I have implemented into bluehost. Let me know if you sign up and want me to walk you through it.

If you feel like saving some money and helping me out, check out my affiliate link.

1 Like is the best.

Their cloud solution is dead simple to use and no PHP coding required.
We’ve been using it for years on tons of projects.

Linode + ServerPilot and roll your own forms :slight_smile:

I would love some help with this if possible. I’m using Bluehost but am having issues getting the form to work correctly with BlueMail (which I’m assuming you were using?).

I have been able to get the form information delivered but I get the BlueMail page that let’s you know what was submitted. Ideally I would like the form to go to the “Success” state but I’m not sure how to acheive this. I tried to create a thank you page and entered that in the redirect URL field in Webflow. That doesn’t seem to work and I’m at a loss currently. I do not have much experience with forms but do have a basic grasp of HTML…

I would also like to try to make the email that is sent look a bit better if at all possible, but that is secondary to getting the re-direct to work properly.

Any and all help is very much appreciated!

I abandoned using the bluehost forms because they didn’t work consistently. Now i just use the built in webflow forms sent to my email.