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UserWay - Web Accessibility Widget | This is another good find. Can’t remember seeing this here. Another Webflower posted this on the Facebook group. And I wanted to share it here. A great widget for adding some accessibility tools to your website. But as always… Accessibility should be planned for from the beginning of your project.

Awesome find! I gave it a go, and learned some things. This is one of my first projects and i am learning that I didnt do the best job in planning accessabliity vis a vi keyboard navigation. I have installed the widget, and am learning that many of the buttons and elements are not focusable with the keyboard. Could someone help me figure out why and what changes to make? My site now has the accessability setting, and if you click the keyboard nav button, you will see that when pressing tab, the only things that tab lets you focus on are the search box and button at the bottom of the site and the accessability settings. All my other buttons and things are not focusable with tab.

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I must say this is an awesome service. At first I thought the pricing was ridiculous; however, when I started to research all it can do, I changed my mind. I now think they are quite reasonably priced.